My Favorite Gun Store, Inc.
44 N 200 W Suite 3
Richmond, UT 84333
435-258-6273 (Email us. We don't answer the phone)

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Please read my entire website prior to contacting me. Most of your questions can be answered by reading my website. I promise your experience will be better if you take 5 minutes to read my website in full.

My name is Paul White. I live in Richmond, Utah. I am the owner of My Favorite Gun Store. Let me tell you a little bit about me and my gun store so you can better understand how I operate. I own
Cache Valley Cabinets & Tops (CVCT) in Richmond. I sell, fabricate, and install cabinets and countertops for a living. CVCT is my primary business and it's what puts food on my table. My time and attention goes first and foremost to CVCT. It is critical that you understand this. I have a real job and it is NOT this gun store.

My Favorite Gun Store (MFGS) is a secondary, hobby type business for me. In early 2009 I decided to start MFGS. I had an empty office in my sales building and plenty of time so I formed a corporation and MFGS was born. I rent from myself and I have no employees. MFGS is a way for me to educate the community, provide high-quality training, and sell guns to people like me. I do NOT depend on My Favorite Gun Store to make money. Frankly I don't care if I sell a single gun. That's not why I have this business. I have this business because I love guns and enjoy teaching others and selling guns to people like me. I am not a traditional gun store in any way. I am the opposite of a traditional gun store. I don't care if I sell you a gun. I don't want walk-in foot traffic. I don't want phone calls. I don't want to deal with tire-kickers and constant dreamers. I don't have time to listen to stories and shoot the breeze with anyone. If you want to talk guns and fondle firearms go somewhere else. I am not going to go out of my way to attempt to sell you a gun. If this turns you away I'm fine with that. In fact I'd rather turn you away than let you have a bad experience with me. So what do I do? Who do I want to deal with?

Here is a description of my perfect customer.
1. You can use email. Seriously, you have to email me.
2. You know EXACTLY what you want and don't waste my time.
3. You have money in hand (cash or check) and are ready to order.
4. You can wait a week for me to bring in your gun.

Here's how things work if you want to do business with me:
Email me exactly what you want. BRAND AND MODEL. If you email me something like "Hey. I'm looking for a .22 pistol. How much is one?" I will NOT be emailing you back. I need specific information on exactly what you want. If you only have a budget of so much money, say so. Just be specific on telling me what you want. If you don't know what you want, I'm happy to help, but I need some basic information like your budget, the purpose of the gun, caliber, semi-auto or revolver, or anything else that can help me make a good recommendation. I don't have time to guess what you want and price 20 different guns, nor am I a mind-reader. I also don't like spending 10 minutes trying to research and find the exact model number you are talking about. If you have a link to the gun you want on a manufacturers website, email it to me! It helps a ton. I also don't like being the guy that gives prices to the constant dreamer. If you aren't ready to buy, with money in hand, please don't waste my time. I can tell real quick the tire-kickers and dreamers and I don't have time or interest in messing with you. Most of you reading this have a pretty good idea how much the gun you want is going to cost so don't waste my time constantly emailing me for prices when you have no intention or ability to buy. If you have found a gun on sale somewhere, tell me and I'll see if I can match the price. Be specific with me and make it easy for me to help you. Just please show me the courtesy of not wasting my time. I don't have a lot of spare time so please make it easy for me to help you.

So now that you have emailed me asking for a price on a specific gun, I will email you back as promptly as I can. Sometimes it's within minutes. Sometimes days. Sometimes it may even take me a week to get back with you. (I do go on vacation occasionally and I have more important things in my life than this business) My life does NOT revolve around My Favorite Gun Store. I have lots of other things in my life that are more important to me, so just be patient. I will get back to you with a price, but I'll get it to you on my schedule. Once I have gotten you the price, if you like it, I'll order the gun for you. Most guns take about a week to get ordered in. When the gun arrives I will email you and via email we can arrange a specific time to meet and you can come pick up your gun. I do NOT require deposits. Simply buy your gun when it shows up. (KEEP YOUR END OF THE DEAL) My prices are cash or check. I can accept VISA but it adds 3%. No exceptions. It takes about 5-10 minutes to fill out the paperwork, buy the gun, and walk out the door with exactly what you wanted!

So if you think we would make a good business/customer match, email me with what you want and we will go from there! And if it sounds like I'm a jerk and not the kind of guy you want to deal with, that's cool too. Chances are I don't want to deal with you either! Thanks for taking the time to read my crazy rambling page. And again, please read the other pages on my website for more info. It will save both of us some time and hassle. You will find I have zero sympathy for people that show up at my store without reading my website. If you show up with invalid ID, you get to go home and get valid ID. If you drop by to see what I have, I won't drop what I'm doing to help you. If you ask me what I have in stock, I'm going to delete your email (HINT: my inventory is live on my GUNS page) If you email me asking where my store is, it's just going to seriously annoy me. Hopefully you get the point. Read my website! Thanks!

Update: I have been super busy with my real job and just not able to dedicate much time to this business. I would still be happy to help you but it may take me a good couple days to track down what you want. Thanks!